Faculty Sites Tutorials

Faculty Sites Tutorials

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Content Editing

How to format text, add pictures, make tables, and more.


Adding, editing, and rearranging links in the main menu.


Edit your People Profile, and manage the People Directory.


Full-Scale sites have a custom homepage option.

Manage Users

How to give other people permission to edit your website.

Helpful Links

Creating Sites

How to create a profile site

Faculty members can create personal professional profile websites with ISU Sites. Create a single page profile, or add more pages.


How to create a lab site

The Full Scale site option allows faculty to build a website for a lab with options for a team directory, projects, and a custom homepage.


Faculty features

What features are available on each Faculty site type? Choose the best fit for your needs.


Site Settings

You can access every feature on your website through Site Settings. If you can't find what you're looking for, check Site Settings.


How to use analytics

Faculty Sites have built-in traffic analytics with Matomo. Find out who is visiting your site and what they're looking for.


Email websupport@iastate.edu

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