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Quick Start Guide

Available on
Faculty Sites

Learn to create a Faculty website in a quick two minute video!

Step 1: Log in to the website creator

Go to and click the green log in button.

The Log In button green in the upper right of the main content.

Log in using your ISU Net-ID and password (same as your ISU email).

The Okta login page

Step 2: Create a Simple, Advanced for Full-Scale site

1. From, go to Manage my sites.

The blue manage my sites button

2. Click the green create new site button.

3. Choose Simple, Advanced, or Full-Scale

Screenshot of the choose website type page with the three options.

Review the terms. These terms must be agreed to in order to make a website.

Click the create my site button at the bottom.

Screenshot of the accept terms checkbox and create site button.

4. Stand by while your site is being created.

An email will be sent to your ISU email address (in a few short minutes) with a login link once your site is ready.

Step 3: Log in to your new website

Click the login link from your email to log in.

Example of the email with the login link

Congratulations! You have a new website!