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People Directory

Available on
Faculty Sites

Faculty sites: The People Directory is available on Full-Scale faculty sites. If you would like a people directory, upgrade your faculty site.

The People Directory displays all People Profiles sorted by People Category. By default, the People Directory lives under the 'People' link in the main menu.

Example of a people directory:

People profile thumbnails arranged in a grid

Adding people profiles

See the guide on adding people profiles.

Editing and deleting people profiles

There are a few ways to edit existing people profiles.

  1. Find the profile in the People Directory and click the edit button.
  2. Open the full profile and click the edit tab.
  3. Go to Site Settings, then Manage People Profiles.
The Manage People Profile page
1. Add a people profile.
2. Click a title to view the profile.
3. Edit the profile.
4. Click the dropdown arrow to delete a profile.

Assigning people profiles to a category

Edit a People Profile to assign a profile to a category. People will appear alphabetically

Adding an introduction

Content editors who are logged in can edit the People Directory Introduction by click the big blue add an introduction link at the top of the page.

The add into button at the top of the people directory. It's a big blue button.

You can add text and images like a normal page.

A people introduction example with a picture of a plant on the left and some text.

To edit the introduction, click the blue edit button in the upper right. To remove the introduction, edit and then remove all content from the intro.

The blue edit button is in the upper right of the intro.