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Go to Manage Pages

Click the Manage Pages button in the right side of the main menu.

Manage Pages outlined with red box

Manage Pages is where you can see and interact with all pages you have access to. You can add new pages, view existing pages, edit existing pages, and delete existing pages.

directions outlined with red boxes

1. Add pages
2. Click a page title to view the page
3. Edit the page
4. Click the dropdown arrow to delete a page.

Creating a page

Title: a title is required.

Research within the title box

Menu settings: You can quickly add a page to the menu from the page edit form via these menu settings. Use the Provide menu link checkbox to add this page to the menu. You can choose a new menu title, or leave that field blank to use the page title.

Menu settings shown visually as described

Body: Add the main content of the page using the editor toolbar.

Body with filler text displayed

Featured image banner: Add a large, featured image (1412x528) that will appear at the top of the page.

Featured image upload section

Publish the page

A published page is visible to the public. This box is checked by default, but you can uncheck the box to unpublish a page which will hide it from the public.

Published with a checked box

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