Edit your People Profile

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Faculty Sites

Welcome to your ISU Sites People Profile! You either have your own Faculty site, or are a member of a Faculty site or Sites+ site, and so you have a People Profile.

Make sure to log in.

Step 1: Edit your profile

There are a few ways to edit your profile.

  1. Find the link to your profile in the white user bar at the top of the page.
  2. Go to Site Settings > Manage People Profiles and find your profile in the list. Use the dropdown to select Edit, or open the full profile and use the edit tab.
  3. Find your profile in the People Directory (if your site has one) and click the edit button next to your profile.
Profile button in red box

Example of one way to find your profile, in the user bar.

Let’s fill in those fields! This is where you will edit all of your profile information. Not all of the fields are required. However, the more complete the information, the better the experience for your website visitors and your rankings in online search results will improve.

Step 2: Display your name

  • Display Name. Enter your name as you would like it displayed on your homepage. 
  • First, Middle and Last name. Update these name fields as you wish them to be displayed in future faculty website directories.
  • Pronouns. You have the option to display your pronouns.
Name information filled in


Did you update these fields? Now is a good time to SAVE.

Save is located at the bottom of the Edit screen. Once you save, you can select the Edit tab again to continue with this tutorial.

Step 3: People Category

On websites with a People Directory, the People Category is available. Be sure to assign your profile to the category that fits you best.

people category

Step 4: Position, bio sketch, and contact information

Position. Type in your position(s) at the university. Click Add another item to add additional positions.

position information filled in boxes

Bio sketch. Provide an overview of yourself in a few brief sentences. This will be displayed at the top of your profile.

biosketch information box filledi n

Contact information. In most cases, contact info was automatically pulled from the ISU Directory. Review it for accuracy and make any necessary changes.

example of contact information filled in


Did you update your contact information fields? Now is a good time to SAVE.

Step 5: Profile picture and CV

Profile picture. Upload a close-up picture of yourself. Use your name as the Alternative text. Images will be automatically resized and cropped to 350x437px.

example of what uploading a profile picture section

CV. Upload your CV as a PDF.

CV example section


Did you upload a CV? Now is a good time to SAVE.

Step 6: Social media and websites

Professional links. Add website links to your professional social media feeds and websites. To add multiple websites, click Add another item.

social media and websites section


Social Media and Website fields are a great place to add Google Scholar or Orchid links to your publications.

Did you add Social Media and Website links? Now is a good time to SAVE.

Step 7: Education, affiliations, and interdepartmental programs

Education. List your educational credentials, one per line. Use Add another item to add more.

education section of people profile

Affiliations. Enter your professional affiliations, one per line, such as USDA or Extension and Outreach. Add multiple items with the Add another item button.

affiliations section of the people profile

Interdepartmental programs. Enter your associated programs, one per line. Add multiple items with the Add another item button.

interdepartmental section of people profile

Step 8: More information

More information. This field is for you! You can use it to add more detailed information on your research, add pictures, or any other important homepage information.

more information example

Step 9: Save and view your profile

Save. Don't forget to press Save after editing your profile. Once you do this, you will be taken to your newly edited profile.

A green box will appear in the top of your page, indicating that it has been successfully updated. (This green box is temporary and only you can see it.)

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