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The Resources feature allows you to present a list of useful links to external websites.

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Resources will appear in alphabetical order, sorted by category. When a visitor clicks on the title of a resources, they will be taken directly to the external website.

Create a resource

By default, the list of resources can be found through the 'Resources' link in the main menu. You can also access all resources under Site Settings. Click Add Resource to add a new one.

  • Title: A title is required
  • URL: Enter the full website address including https://
  • Summary: You may enter a concise description of the link as helpful context
  • Thumbnail Image: A logo or screenshot can be helpful.

Editing and deleting resources

There are two ways to edit existing resources.

  1. Find the resources on the Resources page and click the edit button to the right of the resource.
  2. Go to Site Settings, then Manage Resources.
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1. Add a resources
2. Click a title to view the resources.
3. Edit the resource.
4. Click the dropdown arrow to delete a resource.

Reordering Resources

By default, resources appear in alphabetical order on the Resources page. However, you can put them in any order you like.

  1. Go to Site Settings then Manage Resources.
  2. Drag and drop resources to reorder them.
  3. Save.

To revert resources to alphabetical order, click 'Show row weights' in the upper right of Manage Resources and set all resources back to 0.

Resource categories

If you have many resources, it may be helpful to group them by type. Each resources can have one type. Resources will be grouped by category on the Resource page.

This feature is not active by default. The CALS/LAS web team will be happy to activate it for you and plan what types you need.

Resources Introduction

Content editors who are logged in can add an introduction to the Resources page by clicking the big blue 'Add an Introduction' link at the top of the Resources page.

red box around the add an introduction instructions

This is an example of a Resources introduction. You can add text and images like a normal page.

example of resources

To edit the introduction, click the blue edit button in the upper right of the introduction. To remove the introduction, edit then remove all content from the intro.

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