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Reorder menu items

Available on
Faculty Sites

Faculty sites: Menus are available on Advanced and Full-Scale faculty sites. If you would like a menu, upgrade your faculty site from Simple.

You can change the order if items in the main menu.

Edit the main menu

There are two ways to edit the menu

  1. The edit menu button on the left of the main menu area.
  2. The site settings button in the upper left of the page, the click the Manage Menu link.

Method 1: Click and drag

Click and hold on the drag icon to the left of a menu item to 'drag' it to a new location. Don't forget to save.

Animation of dragging a menu item to a new position in the list.

Method 2: Use row weights

Click 'Show row weights' on the right above the list of links. This will hide the drag icon and show an option for row weight on each menu item. Large numbers are 'heavy' and sink to the bottom. Small numbers are 'light' and float to the top. Change the order of items by changing their weight. The new order of items will be reflected in the list after save.

Caution: If you do not click Save, clicking on other links like Edit will undo the changes you just made. After you are done moving menu items around, make a habit to click save.