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This tutorial will cover how to add events, how to edit them, and how to add an introduction to your event list.

image showing what multiple events

Events will appear in order with events coming up sooner at the top. Events that have passed will appear on a past events page.

Create an event

  • Title: A title is required.
  • Alternate URL: If the event exists as a page on a different website, you can use the Alternate URL to link there instead of duplicating the content on your website. With an alternate URL in place, clicking the title of this event will take visitors to the external website.
  • Event Date: A date is required. Start time, end time, and end date are optional. You can set the event to 'all day'.
  • Location: Create a link to the location of the event. If you do not wish to have a location link, type nolink in the URL field.
  • Body: Create the main content of your event as you would a normal page.
  • Summary: By default the first few sentences of the body will be used when the event is displayed on the events page. Use summary to define your own short description if you wish.
  • Thumbnail Image: This image will appear on the event's full page in the details section.
  • Publishing options: You can publish or unpublish an article, and modify the publication date.

Editing and deleting events

There are two ways to edit existing events.

  1. Find the event in the Events page and click the edit button to the right of the event.
  2. Go to Site Settings, then Manage Events.
red boxes around directive words above
1. Add an event.
2. Click a title to view the event.
3. Edit the event.
4. Click the dropdown arrow to delete an event.

Events Introduction

Content editors who are logged in can edit the Events Introduction by click the big blue add an introduction link at the top of the events page.

Add an introduction instruction in red box

This is an example of an Events Introduction. You can add text and images like a normal page.

example event image

To edit the introduction, click the blue edit button in the upper right. To remove the introduction, edit and then remove all content from the intro.

Edit for sample event in red box


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