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Available on
Faculty Sites

Faculty sites: Projects are available on Full-Scale faculty sites. If you would like Projects, upgrade your faculty site.

Projects offer the opportunity to share your research or academic ventures separate from other pages. Each project has its own project page, and all projects are automatically displayed in a list under the 'Projects' link in the main menu.

Screenshot of the list of projects. There are images on the left and a title and summary on the right.

Projects will appear in the order they are added, with the most recent project at the top.

Create a Project

By default Projects live under the 'Projects' link in the main menu. Click the 'Add Project' button at the top. Begin filling out the fields.

  • Title: A title is required.
  • Alternate URL: If the project exists as a page on a different website, you can use the Alternate URL to link there instead of duplicating the content on your website. With an alternate URL in place, clicking the title of this project will take visitors to the external project website.
  • Body: Create the main content of your project as you would a normal page.
  • Summary: By default the first few sentences of the body will be used when the Project is displayed in the project list. Use summary to define your own short description if you wish.
  • Thumbnail Image: This small image will appear when your project is displayed in the project list. Use the alternate text to briefly describe the image for screenreader users.

Editing and deleting projects

There are two ways to edit existing projects.

  1. Find the article in the Projects page and click the edit button to the right of the project.
  2. Go to Site Settings, then Manage Projects.
The Manage Projects page.
1. Add a project.
2. Click a title to view the project.
3. Edit the project.
4. Click the dropdown arrow to delete a project.

Project Introduction

Content editors who are logged in can edit the Projects Introduction by click the big blue add an introduction link at the top of the page.

The button to add an intro his really big and blue.

This is an example of a Project Introduction. You can add text and images like a normal page.

A block of text and right aligned image before the list of projects.

To edit the introduction, click the blue edit button in the upper right. To remove the introduction, edit and then remove all content from the intro.

The edit icon for the intro is in the upper right.