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Homepage Builder

Available on
Faculty Sites

Faculty Full Scale websites have access to a Homepage Builder for those who wish to replace the profile homepage with a more conventional homepage. This tutorial will explain how to change to a homepage and edit the content. 

Are you looking for the Sites+ Homepage Editor?

Jump to:

  1. Choose a new homepage layout
  2. Edit homepage content
    1. Configure/edit blocks
    2. Move blocks
    3. Remove blocks
  3. Saving

Choose a new homepage layout

There are four homepage layout options.

  • The site owner's People Profile (default)
  • 2-Column Homepage
  • 3-Column Homepage
  • Advanced Homepage

The multiple column and advanced options allow you to add content cards in a pre-defined layout.

To access these options, click the Manage Homepage tab at the top of the homepage.

The manage homepage tab is at the top of the homepage content area.

Click the edit button next to the homepage option you want to use.

Each option has an edit button.

Edit homepage content

The homepage builder allows you to add blocks (also called content cards) to block regions. Blocks are small, distinct pieces of content. All block regions are optional.

The homepage editor with blue boxes where blocks can go.

To add content to the homepage, click any of the Add Block boxes. A menu will appear on the right side. To begin adding content, click Create custom block.

The menu slides out from the right.

Now you can choose from custom block types or 'Cards'. Learn more about each Card type here:

As you add Cards, they'll appear as a preview in the Homepage Builder.

Configure/edit blocks

To edit or remove blocks, hover over the block and click the pencil icon in the top right corner. Clicking the pencil gives you options to configure (edit), move, or remove. If you click configure, you'll be taken to the same box where you originally created the block.

A banner card with the pencil button clicked.

Move blocks

There are two ways to move blocks.

Click and drag. Click on a block and hold while you drag the block to a different block region. Release the click to drop the block in place.

Animation of dragging a block to move it.

Move interface. Click on the pencil, then click move. The menu will slide out from the right side. Drag and drop the blocks with the list instead.

Animation of the move interface.

Remove blocks

Click the pencil icon and click Remove block. The menu will slide out and ask you to confirm. Once a block is removed, it cannot be recovered.

Save the layout

When you are satisfied with your homepage layout and content, click Save and Set as Home at the bottom of the Homepage Builder.

Note: if you are editing your current homepage, the button will say Save Layout.

Empty block regions

If you leave a block region empty, the neighboring regions will grow to fill the space on the live page. There will be no big gaps.