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Add a menu item

Available on
Faculty Sites

Faculty sites: Menus are available on Advanced and Full-Scale faculty sites. If you would like a menu, upgrade your faculty site from Simple.

Go to edit menu

Access the menu edit page in one of two ways

  1. The edit menu button on the left of the main menu area.
  2. The site settings button in the upper left of the page, the click the Manage Menu link.

Add a link

Click the Add link button located above the list of links.

The add link button is in the upper left, above the list of menu items.

Add the menu item information

Every menu item needs a title and link.

Confirm the "Show this link in the menu is checked."

There are two main ways to add a link:

  1. Use the autocomplete to link to an existing page. Just begin typing the name of the page. This is the best way to link to a page on your site..
  2. Link to an external website by pasting the full URL including https://

Example of using autocomplete.

Example of using autocomplete to add a link.

When you use autocomplete, the name of the page will appear in the link space.

Example of using a full external link.

Use the full url of external links, including https://


Don't forget to click save.