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Faculty Sites: Menus are available on Advanced and Full-Scale faculty sites.


There are four navigation menus available and each serve different purpose as shown in the illustration below.

1. Main Menu

The main navigation for content on your website. This menu should have between 3 and 7 items. This menu has the dropdown feature for sub-links.

2. Header Quick Links

Use this menu for one of three purposes: calls to action, important secondary links, or audience-specific categories. The “Sign Ons” and “Info For…” links are required and should not be changed.

3. Footer Primary menu

This optional menu reinforces actions you want users to take immediately. Limit to no more than 6 items.

4. Footer Quick Links

Use this menu to direct users to additional pages with less emphasis and don’t appear as top-level menu items in the header menu(s). Limit to no more than 9 links.

Diagram of the locations of the menus.


How to edit the social media menu.

Edit the menus

There are two ways to find the list of menus you can edit.

  1. The “Edit Menus” button in the user toolbar in the upper right.
  2. Under “Menus” in Site Settings.
The Edit Menus button is in the upper right.

Menu functions


The CALS/LAS Web Team is happy to provide content strategy and site architecture guidance. Contact us at and help us help you organize your content and create an effective menu structure.

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