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The footer is the red section at the bottom of the website. It appears on every page and contains the Iowa State University logo, a quick links menu, contact information, social media links, and copyright info. You can edit the contact information and social media links.

Contact Information

Click the edit button in the contact info column. This button is used to add new contact info or edit existing contact info.

footer contact info

Fill out the contact information for the website's primary contact.

Social Media

Click the Add social media links button in the third column.

footer social media

You may add up to seven social media links. Add both the Link text and the URL.

social media settings

The correct icon for the particular social media site will appear automatically. Social media icons that will appear automatically.


Faculty Advanced, Faculty Full-Scale, and Sites+ Sites have two menus available in the footer: Footer Primary and Footer Quick Links. Editing menus tutorial


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