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This tutorial will cover how a podcast is set up and how to add episodes. This feature creates an online home for a podcast and the required RSS feeds. This feature is not used to record or edit podcast episodes.

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An example of a podcast page.

example of podcast page

Example of a podcast episode.

example of podcast episode

Creating a Podcast

The CALS/LAS Web Team will work with you to plan and create a podcast, including content strategy consultation and how to add the podcast to streaming services. Once the podcast is created, then you will be able to add episodes.

Editing a Podcast

Once a podcast has been set up, you can make changes to the podcast. There are two ways to edit a podcast:

  1. Go to the podcast page itself and click the edit tab.
  2. Go to Site Settings, then the Manage Podcast tab, then click edit next to the podcast.

example of managing podcasts
Everything about podcasts and episodes can be managed from Manage Podcast.

Deleting a Podcast

If you no longer wish to host a podcast, contact the CALS/LAS Web Team at websupport@iastate.edu

Multiple Podcasts

The Podcast feature supports multiple podcast shows. Contact the CALS/LAS Web Team for more information.

Submitting a Podcast to streaming services

The CALS/LAS Web Team will help you submit your podcast to streaming services. 



You can manage all your podcasts and episodes from the Manage Podcast tab in Site Settings.

manage podcast in site settings

Everything about podcasts and episodes can be managed from Manage Podcast. 

Adding an Episode

There are two ways to add an episode to a podcast.

  1. Go the podcast show page and click Add Episode beneath the podcast description.
  2. Go to Site Settings, then the Manage Podcast tab, then click Add Episode

Episode Fields

  • Title: The name of the episode. This is where you should include the episode number.
  • Audio file: Allowed types: mp3, m4a, wav. Use only letters, numbers, and underscores in your audio filename. Example: episode_4.m4a
  • Description: This is what is included with the episode when it's fed to podcast streaming services.
  • Show Notes: Any additional information to supplement the audio.
  • Transcript: Digital accessibility guidelines require a transcript so that users who cannot access audio can still experience your podcast content. Include the full transcript here, link to an external transcript, or upload the transcript as a pdf.
  • Thumbnail: You may include a square image as a thumbnail. The minimum size is 1400x1400px.
  • Advanced: Season and Episode numbers may be edited here. If you have questions, please contact the CALS/LAS Web Team
  • Publish: As soon as you publish and episode, the podcast RSS feed is updated and the episode is pushed to your subscribers. Any updates to the episode could take a while to work its way back up to streaming services so be sure your episode is ready when you publish.

Editing an episode

There are three ways to edit an episode.

  1. From the episode's page with the edit tab
  2. From the podcast's page. An edit button appears on the side of each episode.
  3. From Sites Settings, Manage Podcasts

Deleting an episode

There are two ways to delete an episode.

  1. From the episodes edit page
  2. From Site Settings, Manage Podcasts 


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