Create a lab site

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Faculty Sites

The Full Scale site option allows faculty to build a website for a lab with options for a team directory, projects, blog, and a custom homepage.

Just need a profile site? Creating a profile site.

Log in to ISU Sites

How to log in to ISU Sites

Create a Full-Scale Site

1. From, go to Manage my sites.

2. Choose Full-Scale

The page where you choose the site type, showing options for Simple, Advanced, and Full-Scale.

3. Stand by while your site is being created.

When your site is ready, an email will be sent to your ISU email address in a few minutes with a link to log in.

Fill out your profile

Some of your ISU information will be automatically filled out. You can edit and add to this information.

How to fill out your profile

Manage your homepage

You have the option to create a homepage or keep your profile as the homepage.

A Full-Scale homepage with the Manage Homepage tab highlighted

Add content

Add users

Update the footer