Upgrade a Faculty Website

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Faculty Sites

There are three types of faculty sites: Simple, Advanced, and Full-Scale. Advanced sites have more features than simple sites, and Full-Scale sites have more features than Advanced sites. Faculty site owners may upgrade their sites at any time.

For a current list of features available for each site type, check the Faculty feature list.

Go to Features in Site Settings

Log in to your website and find the Site Settings button at the very top of the website.

Site settings is in the upper right.


Find the Features link on the Site Settings page. The options available in Site Settings will vary depending on what kind of faculty site you have.


Screenshot of the Features link in Site Settings.

Choose to upgrade

The Features page will outside what upgrade options are available and what new features it offers. Your upgrade options will depend on what kind of faculty site you currently have.

NOTICE: Once you upgrade a site, you cannot go back. Your existing content will still be safe and will not change.

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