Dropdown Menus

Available on
Faculty Sites

Faculty sites: Menus are available on Advanced and Full-Scale faculty sites. If you would like a menu, upgrade your faculty site from Simple.

Items in the Main Menu can be nested to create dropdown menus. 

When to use dropdown menus: Dropdown menus are most useful when pages are closely related to each other. If you have fewer than 7 menu items, you probably don't need to create dropdown menus because all your menu items will fit comfortably in the menu bar.

Edit the Main menu

  1. Click the “Edit Menus” button in the user toolbar in the upper right of the page.
  2. Choose the menu you wish to edit. (Menu descriptions)

 edit menus in red box

Click and drag

Click and hold the move icon to drag a menu item beneath and to the right of the chosen parent item. To un-nest the dropdown menu item, drag the move icon out from under and to the left of the parent item.

menu adjustment demonstration


If you don’t see the + -shaped drag icons on the left of each menu item, ensure that “Show row weights” in the upper right is off.


Dropdown menus open to reveal submenu items when the user hovers over the parent item in main menu.

menu example

Dropdown menus are indicated by a small down arrow icon.

dropdown menu example

Clicking the parent item opens the dropdown. Parent items are automatically copied into to dropdown menus.

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