Sites+ Tutorials

Sites+ Tutorials

Sites+ Mockups

Sites+ websites are created by the CALS/LAS Web Team in collaboration with you, and include websites for departments, programs, centers, colleges, and other units within CALS or LAS at Iowa State University.

If you need a Sites+ website, or you have any questions about your existing site, please reach out to

Content Editing

How to format text, add pictures, make tables, and more.


Adding, editing, and rearranging links in the main menu.


Edit your People Profile, and manage the People Directory.


Edit the homepage and other landing pages.

Manage Users

How to give other people permission to edit your website.

Helpful Links

How to log in

There are multiple ways to log in to a Sites+ site.


Homepage editor for Sites+

The CALS/LAS Web Team will work with site administrators to build homepages and landing pages and then Site Admins can edit the content of the blocks.

Site Settings

You can access every feature on your website through Site Settings. If you can't find what you're looking for, check Site Settings.



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