Access Control Lists

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In order to log in and edit content on your site, a person must have permission. You learned how to do this in the Users and Site Access tutorial.

But what if you have a large number of users, such as a department site where many people will want to log in to edit their People profile? You don't want to spend all day adding site access for individual users!

Luckily, Sites+ supports Active Directory groups. These are groups of ISU netids that have historically been managed in Iowa State University's ASW (account services on the web) system.

Here is an example of an Active Directory group in the ASW interface for all staff of the Natural Resource Ecology and Management department:

List properties shown in the ASW interface

The important thing to note here is the "Windows Active Directory Security Group" checkbox. When that is checked, it means Sites+ can use this group as an access control list for a website.

The 29 members of this list will be able to log in and will automatically have a user role (such as Profile Only) assigned to them.

If there is an individual member of the list that needs to have greater privileges, such as the Content Editor role, that is no problem. The individual user can have their role assigned individually and Sites+ will use that role instead.

Multiple access control lists can be in place. Often departments have separate lists for staff, faculty, and graduate students, for example.

If you would like to use an access control list on your site, please contact with the name of the ASW group you would like to use.