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Headings organize the content on the page both visually and for assistive technology.

Formatting dropdown

Heading options are found in the formatting dropdown on the left of the editor toolbar. By default, text is 'Normal'. Click the dropdown to choose from Heading 2 or Heading 3.

The formatting dropdown is on the left of the editor toolbar.

The three options in the dropdown - normal, heading 2, heading 3

Where is Heading 1? The page title is automatically an h1 and there should only be one h1 on the page.

Create a heading

To create a heading, begin a new line and choose Heading 2 or Heading 3 from the formatting dropdown. Begin typing your heading text. Pressing enter to create a new line will return you to Normal text formatting.

You can also type your heading text first, highlight the text, and then use the formatting dropdown to make it a heading.

Changing or removing a heading

Place the cursor in the heading then select a new option from the formatting dropdown.