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Files can be inserted into pages with the editor toolbar.

Adding a file

Type the text you want to use to link to the file first. Highlight this text then click the attach file button in the toolbar.

The file icon is towards the right in the toolbar.

Accessibility best practice: include the file extension in the text of the file link so visitors will know they are about to access a file.
Example: Download the conference program (PDF).

Adding a file without link text
You are not required to type out link text first. If you do not, the name of the file will become the link text.

The "Add File" box will appear. Click the "Choose File" button, and find your file on your computer. (The actual text of the upload button may vary based on your web browser.)

The add file box. The add file box with a file successfully uploaded.

Once you click save, the text will now link to the newly uploaded file.

Remove link to file

Place the cursor in the link text, then click the unlink button in the editor toolbar.

Screenshot of a file link highlighted and the location of the unlink button in the toolbar.