Create a faculty profile site

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Faculty Sites

Faculty members can create personal professional profile websites with ISU Sites. Create a single page profile, or add more pages.

Do you want to make a website for your lab? How to create a lab website.

Watch this video walk-through or follow the written directions below.

Log in to ISU Sites

How to log in to ISU Sites

Create a Simple or Advanced Site

1. From, go to Manage my sites.

2. Choose Simple or Advanced

Use Simple for a single-page online profile. Use Advanced if you'd like multiple pages.

The page where you choose the site type, showing options for Simple, Advanced, and Full-Scale.

3. Stand by while your site is being created.

When your site is ready, an email will be sent to your ISU email address in a few minutes with a link to log in.

Fill out your profile

Some of your ISU information will be automatically filled out. You can edit and add to this information.

How to fill out your profile

Update the footer

Step 1, click the edit button; Step 2, fill out the fields

Advanced features

If you chose the Advanced option, you can add pages and edit the menu. If you chose Simple, and would like to add pages, you may upgrade to Advanced.