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Video Card

Available on
Faculty Sites

Use a Video card to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video as a block on a homepage or landing page.

A video embedded in a website with description.

Add a Video Card

Faculty Homepage Builder

To add any type of block, click the blue Add Block button in the Homepage Builder.

The big blue Add Block button

Edit a Video Card

Edit an existing Blog Card by using the Homepage Builder Faculty or Homepage Editor Sites+.

There are several fields in the configure pop-up for the Video Card.

Title. A title is required, but you may uncheck Display title to hide it.

Video. Paste the YouTube or Vimeo share link.

Description. This text will show below the video.

Transcript. A text-based version of video content is important to accessibility. Link to where a full transcript can be found.


Be sure to click Save or Add Block.