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Stat Card

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Stat Cards are designed to attractively display a concise statistic or short message with a custom icon or image, primary text, caption, and button. 

Screenshot of three stat blocks. They have an icon, large statistic, caption, and button.

Editing a Stat Card


A title is required, but you may uncheck Display title to hide it.

Screenshot of the title field.

Icon or image

You can choose to show an icon or an image (not both).


This field is looking for the name of a Font Awesome 4 icon. A full list of these icons can be found at Font Awesome 4's full icon list. An example would be arrow-right.

Screenshot of the icon field.

Screenshot of the Font Awesome4 icon list searching for 'arrow'

At Font Awesome 4, you can search for a keyword and see related icons.


You can display an image instead of an icon. Upload an image no more than 200x200 pixels.

If you are going to have a row of Stat Cards, we recommend making all images the exact same size before uploading.

Primary text

The primary text is the brief, bold single number or value of the statistic. Keep this very short!

Secondary Text

Describe the context of the primary statistic. Keep it short and sweet.


You may add a button at the bottom of the Stat Card