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Blog Card

Available on
Faculty Sites

A Blog Card is part of the Blog feature. It shows the most recent blog posts as a list in a block on a homepage or other landing page.

Example of a blog card

Faculty: Blog is available on Full-Scale sites. How to upgrade Faculty sites.

Sites+: If you would like to add a Blog Card, please contact the CALS/LAS Web Team at

Add Blog Card

Faculty Homepage Builder

Use the Homepage Builder to add the Blog Card. Click the big blue Add Block button and the menu will slide out from the right.

Click Blog: Recent Blog Posts.

Edit Blog Card

Edit an existing Blog Card by using the Homepage Builder Faculty or Homepage Editor Sites+.

Click the pencil icon on the upper right of the card and click Configure.

The configure block pop-up box.
The Blog Card configuration box
  • Display title. Choose to show or hide a block title.
  • Items per block. Set how many recent blog posts should show at once. We recommend keeping it between 3 and 5. If you have more blog posts than this value, a "see all blog posts button" will be added automatically to the Blog Card.
  • Override title. By default, the title is Recent Blog Posts. Check the box to set your own title.


Be sure to click Save or Add Block